BioSkills Facility of the Pacific Rim

Hawaii BioSkills is opening soon! This will be the premier BioSkills laboratory in the Pacific Rim.  Our versatile, learning-based lab will provide Medical Professionals with all the tools and space required to host the best possible meetings, seminars and training events, including:

– State-of-the-art BioSkills Lab

– Surgery Prep Room

– Auditorium and Multiple Conference Rooms

– Advanced AV Technology

– Reception, Lounge and Dining Areas

Interested in learning more? Link with us below to be in tune with the latest updates. Mahalo!

Bring your BioSkills events to Hawaii & enjoy what Hawaii has to offer!

Medical Professionals

Welcome to HiBioSkills,

Do you attend bio skill events?  How many hours of continuing education do you attend every year?  Would you be interested in attending a BioSkills session in Hawaii?   If so!  Let us know. We’d love to see you in Hawaii.

Medical Device Companies

Welcome to HiBioSkills,

Do you host BioSkill events?  How many events do you host every year?  Would you be interested in taking advantage of a 10+ station BioSkills lab in Hawaii?   If so, through our partnerships we can assist in travel & accommodations for your valued groups.


Welcome to HiBioSkills,

Do you work with medical professionals? Would you like an opportunity to have a captive audience?  Would you be interested in sponsoring a BioSkills session in Hawaii?   If so, we can support your team to have a captive audience of your valued customers through multiple categories of sponsorships or packages.

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Stem cell aging in adult progeria

Hoi-Hung Cheung, Duanqing Pei and Wai-Yee ChanEmail author Cell Regeneration 2015 4:6 DOI: 10.1186/s13619-015-0021-z / ©  Cheung et al. 2015 Published: 3 October 2015 original published content available by clicking here. Abstract Aging is considered an irreversible biological process and also a major risk factor for a spectrum of geriatric diseases. Advanced age-related decline in physiological functions, such as neurodegeneration, development of cardiovascular disease, endocrine and metabolic…


Cellular Regeneration

Bioprinting 3D printing is increasingly permitting the direct digital manufacture (DDM) of a wide variety of plastic and metal items. While this in itself may trigger a manufacturing revolution, far more startling is the recent development of bioprinters. These artificially construct living tissue by outputting layer-upon-layer of living cells. Currently all bioprinters are experimental. However,…


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The Role and Value of Anatomy in the Medical School Curriculum Many basic science and clinically oriented textbooks begin by addressing the anatomy of an organ, system or clinical area. Arguably, the reason the reader is introduced to the pertinent anatomy is that the structure of the body is fundamental to understanding all of the…

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