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Who Are We

An internationally accessible BioSkills Facility in Honolulu, Hawaii that provides device manufactures, educators and innovators a forum to teach and enhance the skills of dedicated Medical Professionals/Surgeons.

Our Mission

To provide a Superior BioSkills laboratory experience in support of collaboration among scientists, physicians, educators, medical device engineers and manufacturers which in turn will enhance patients’ lives through professional education, training and innovation.

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Want to Host, Sponsor, or attend a BioSkills event in Paradise? Hawaii BioSkills is your partner providing a connection between all stakeholders.

Our Customers

We believe that each customer is unique and valuable. We will reach out to our international customers to make them feel especially welcomed and appreciated. We will exceed all of our customers’ needs with the spirit of Aloha as we deliver a professional, high quality and friendly service.

Our Community

We believe that the State of Hawaii has much to offer as a technology and education center. We are committed to providing jobs and opportunities to increase the sustainability of Hawaii’s talented workers and culture.

Allow our hard work pay the way to better pricing on your stay in Hawaii. Tell us what your looking for and we can make it happen.